Friday, 14 November 2014

Yarndale 2014, at last!

Hello all, yes I'm a wee bit late with this post I'm afraid. I seemed to have lost all my umph after Yarndale! I think I was just exhausted after a very busy 8 months or so.  It has been a whirlwind of craft/art fairs and making stock for the gallery. I seem to have been constantly chasing my tail, trying to keep all my balls in the air and all those plates spinning. I think that's enough euphemisms for one post, lol. 
But don't worry, I'm I'm back on form again now! 
Goodness! Even in the photo above I look tired and worn out. If you hadn't already guessed this was our stand at Yarndale 2014.
I was really worried about not having enough stock to fill the stand as this was our last big fair of the year, but I just managed it! It's a little more sparse than I would of liked but it wasn't through idleness on my part. I couldn't have made more felt than I have this year. 
Here's wonderful man ready for another busy day. I may have found this year exhausting but I wouldn't change a thing, I loved every minute! It's been a real challenge and a steep learning curve. I must admit I haven't learned aaaall my lessons, I still think I can produce work faster than I really can, lol.  Maybe that's a woman thing...we all try and fit in more than we can realistically do in a day.

 It's been a challenge and for the most part I've met that challenge head on and come up with the goods. I've never made sooooo much felt as I have this year, I've lost count but I think by the end of the year I'll have made over 50 large pieces of art work as well as countless small Dales Scenes, brooches and embellished cards. If you'd had asked me this time last year if I could make so much stuff I'd have laughed at you. Actually I'd probably had a major panic and run a mile, lol. 
 But then, that's what this year was all about, challenging myself. Testing the water so to speak. This time last year I'd only attended small local craft fairs and Yarndale. This year I have attended 4 events the size of Yarndale, two smaller weekend craft fairs and supplied two galleries, as well as a handful of commissions thrown in. I don't think I've told you this... but I've also been offered an open invitation to go and teach workshops in Australia alongside tutors who are top of their chosen crafts. This is was a huge honour for me and something I might feel comfortable doing one day but not at the moment. But just to be asked was enough! Talk about chuffed!
 So, what now? Well... I thought by now I would have all the answers! I thought I would have next year all planned out and know exactly what I wanted to do. Yes, I know you're waiting for it and there is a 'but', lol and here it is... But I don't. There is no-one more surprised and thrilled than me at the positive response my work has received this year. So where do I go from here, I'm not sure. I expected to have had a couple of rubbish events and couple okayish ones, making decisions about where to go and what to attend next year easy but they've all been more successful than I could have wished for, lol. So... do I attend them all again next year? I don't think I can to be honest. It's been a blast but I can't produce as much again next year without having a creative... burn out! 

So, while I'm pondering my future plans I'll try and bring you up to date with what I've been making since I got my creative mojo back. 
 This little chap has finally visited my fabby framer, Andy and now looks like this...
My lovely friend and her husband dropped him off at Cherrydidi gallery in Keswick for me last week and he's just been sold today. I've also made another large hare picture but I don't think I'm able to show you him as he's suppose to be a surprise Christmas gift. 
What next?....
What about a little mouse for a change. This little chap is currently at the framers along with his friend...
Poppy Hare. They are both being framed ready for my last event in a weeks time at the Witham at Barnard Castle. Oh! I nearly forgot this one...
I was making this lovely hare for Barnard Castle too when a very nice gentleman emailed me to ask if I had any work available and to cut a long story short, this little hare was packing his bags before I'd even finished felting him. 
I'm afraid my stand may be a little sparse but you'll find a warm welcome and wealth of other wonderful crafts people there who's tables will be spilling over with hand crafted goodies. There is another reason my table won't be quite as full as I would like, and that's because I'm also working on this...
It will be the largest piece of felt I've ever made, measuring 76 inches long. It's a bit of a beast!
We've had to bring my sewing table down from the attic to give me a long enough work surface, lol. 
Well I promise not to leave it so long next time. I'll keep you updated on 'the beast' and maybe this is for my benefit rather than yours...
 Till next time,
love Fi x

Monday, 22 September 2014

Staithes Festival of Arts and Heritage.

 Hello my lovelies! Say hello to Mr Hare. 
Now say goodbye, we won't be seeing him again as he has hopped off to a loving new home. 
 He was one of a handful of pieces that came with me to the Festival of Arts and Heritage in Staithes just over a week ago.

 What a fabulous event! For one whole weekend about 80 artists turned kitchens, front rooms, garages and even bedrooms into pop up galleries in the pretty little fishing village of Staithes. There were pop up cafes too along with music, film shows, demonstrations, walks, talks and all manner of entertainment. Here's a very tiny taste as I only had time for a quick speed walk around before it got busy on Saturday morning!

 This was our little gallery for the weekend in a pretty little cottage on the High Street.
 We had lots of lovely visitors, the whole place had a lovely atmosphere.
 One of our visitors owns this charming little place...
 The Tea Shop in Staithes...
They also now own my little felted picture too! Delightful!
I just like to say thank you to every one who visited us over the weekend. Wonderful Man and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to you all. I'd had such a lovely time and my work received so many compliments that I had a little happy cry on Sunday... I just couldn't help myself. Thank you to everyone who made our weekend so special. 
Oh and the Hare in Poppies... he's hopped off to new home too!

I shall look forward to seeing you all at Yarndale this weekend, if I remember correctly I shall be on stand 26 looking a tad frazzled and a bit frayed around the edges (it's been a very busy year) but very happy to see you all and chatter about all things 'felty'.

Don't forget to bring lots of pocket money ;)
See you at the weekend
love Fi x

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Art in the Pen.

 Hello! I'm playing catch up again! 
This was my stand at Art in the Pen at Skipton a couple of weeks ago. 
 Over 130 artists transformed animal pens into mini art galleries for the weekend. 
 As you can see I didn't have a lot of work but it was enough to fill the pen and all of it made new since the previous Art in the Pen at Carlisle. That's why blog posts have been thin on the ground recently.
 Wonderful Man and I had a fabby weekend. You meet such lovely people at these events, it always does me the world of good as it's the only way I get to see peoples reactions to my work. Other than doing these fairs I'd just be shut in the kitchen felting all day with Wonderful Man cracking the whip! Only joking.
 I tried to take a few pictures for you before it got too busy.
 Handsome isn't he? Posing on his chair. Yep, that's Wonderful Man holding the fort while I had a little wander. Have you noted the lovely crochet bag that nice lady is sporting, she made it herself. See I told you, I always meet lovely people. Well she crochets so she must be lovely!
 I'm sorry I can no longer remember who's stands these were so you'll just have to enjoy anonymous art works. The brochure is still available to download on the Art in the Pen website if you see anything you like. 
 I didn't manage to get around the whole 130 stands!
But this gives you a little taste of the variety of art work available.

And at the end of a very successful weekend, the long and winding road home.
And I'd just like to say thank you to my lovely customers who bought my art work. I know each of you absolutely loved the pieces you chose and I know you'll enjoy looking at them every day, which makes it easier for me to part with them...and to the lovely lady who bought the Hare in Daisies. If I could have done, I would have kept him as he's still my favourite and as far as I'm concerned my best piece to date but I know you love him as much as I did. Thank you ;) 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Another Furry Felted Friend.

Another furry felted friend.
Sorry for the short blog posts but I'm trying not to get too behind with showing you what I've been working on and I've been working really hard this year! 
This one is another large piece about 33 inches square. He's wet felted with a small amount of free motion machine embroidery just on the leaves in the foreground. He'll be coming with me to Art in the Pen at Skipton Auction Mart this weekend. 
Sorry must dash! There are 15 small Dales Scenes waiting to be embroidered!

Till next time
love Fi x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Hare in Daisies

Here he is finished at last. 

This is one of my large felt pieces measuring about 32 inches square. That's quite a lot of felt to stuff under the sewing machine but I just roll it up and hope for the best, lol.
He's made from Merino wool which has been wet felted and then free motion machine embroidered. I'll be taking him to Art in the Pen at Skipton on Sat 16th and Sun 17th August along with a few other felty friends I've been making. 

Maybe I'll see you there, it'll be a great weekend with a hundred and thirty artists transforming animal pens into mini art galleries including painting, ceramics, jewellery, sculpture, wood carving and of course textiles so don't forget your purse

There's plenty of free parking and lots to see. 

Don't forget to come and say hello.

Till next time
love Fi x

Saturday, 26 July 2014


 The morning started with a strange low cloud lingering through the dale. Very odd but beautiful. The promise of another hot and sunny day. 
 So sunny that I had trouble to see my stitches whilst sweating away at my sewing machine in the attic.
It really was too beautiful a day to be up in the hot, hot, hot attic, but needs must. 
The leaves around these daisies needing finishing off ready to be taken to the picture framer. They're part of a much larger piece but I can't show you just yet. Can you see a few twitchy whiskers sneaking into the picture! lol.

Till next time
love Fi x