Thursday, 10 April 2014

Designer Makers Market.

 I've been busy for the last few weeks getting ready for the Designer Makers Market at Barnard Castle, County Durham. It takes place on 18th and 19th of this month, next Friday and Saturday in fact.
 I've been making beautiful felt flower brooches and little hand embroidered felt garden brooches.
 I always think I can make more things than I really have time for, lol. Along with several commissions and galleries asking for work, I'm struggling to keep up but I'm loving it. I loving seeing just what I can produce if I knuckle down, as I do have a tendency to procrastinate and float along if I don't have a goal or a target...And this year I have LOTS of targets.

So if you're in the area please pop along to The Witham and say hello. I'd love to see you there and I can promise you won't be disappointed, it will be full of creative souls selling their hand crafted designs.
Right, it's back to the felting table for me. I have something special on that table that needs finishing off.

Till next time
love Fi x

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

In all it's glory!

Here it is finished. 
Can you find the field mouse?
This is my completed commission piece, which is now parcelled up and on it's way to Connecticut, USA. It will be joining two more of my felt works, 'Wily Old Hare' and 'Robin Redbreast'.
Starting from the left, lets take a closer look. Lots of leaves, flowers and twiddly bits.
3 Bumble bees were requested.
And a little mouse hidden somewhere in the picture for grandchildren to find.
There is lots of free motion machine embroidery and some hand embroidered French knots.
Couldn't resist another close up. I love him.
The whole piece is made from wet felted wool and then embellished with embroidery. It measures approximately 34 inches wide by 23 inches high.
I must admit, I was quite sad to see this one go.

Till next time
love Fi x
Edited to add; For Liniecat and Virginia... This piece is completely wet felted. I used a single felting needle to add details to the bee's and the mouse only :) Only when its finished do I use the embellisher to go over anything that might have become loose or fuzzy from being repeatedly stuffed under the sewing machine. As you can imagine it's not easy to get something that size and thickness under a domestic sewing machine without catching the odd piece. But everything on the design is there, and felted before it goes anywhere near any machinery. x

Friday, 21 March 2014

MarmaladeRose 6 Years Old!

Hello my lovelies! It's my blogiversary this week, 6 years of creativity and domestic ramblings! 
6 years of your wonderful company and unwavering support. Thank you. 
Thank you for sticking with me on this journey of creativity and artistic discovery. I couldn't have done it without you. x
The little mousy is hidden in my latest piece of felt, yes he really is quite small. 
You can see better in this picture, look how small he is compared to my fat fingers. 
What a cutey! Maybe next time I'll be able to show you the whole piece but as it's a commission I think it needs to stay a secret until it's new owner has given her approval...fingers crossed.

Thanks for sticking with me, it's much appreciated.
Till next time
love Fi x

Thursday, 6 March 2014

British wildlife abroad.

I've been busy with the woolly stuff again people. I'm afraid your going to see a lot of this this year as I'm hoping to do a lot more art/craft fairs in 2014. Here's little Robin Redbreast in felted wool. He's now winging his way to new home in the USA with a travelling companion...
Can you tell what it is yet?
Here he is finished. A wily old hare, ready for his long journey to the States.

Love Fi x

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A ride in the Dales.

 I couldn't resist sharing some scrummy scenery with you. These were taken while driving home to Wensleydale via Dentdale from Kendal in the Lake District. We'd just dropped our daughter off at Kendal train station (our nearest main line) and were enjoying a leisurely drive home. We're so lucky to live here, although we didn't think that on the return journey to pick her up from the station a couple of days later. This road was closed so we had to use a diverted route causing a 3 hour round trip! The hills you can see are the Howgill Fells near Sedbergh.
 The usual 'nose to tail' traffic! 
 We're now in Dentdale and yes, that is snow on the hill tops.
 The road runs side by side with the river. You can just see it at the other side of the wall.
 Just behind the houses is the viaduct where we'll start the climb up out of the valley, up over the tops of the fells back to Wensleydale.
 All you can see from here is hill tops! It's like being on top of the world.
 Not far now, nearly home.
 We're now dropping down into Wensleydale. I'm afraid the photos don't do it justice.
Home sweet home. You can see the church steeple to the right and the school bell tower in the centre. The white building at the end of the road is one of our four village pubs! 
I hope you enjoyed our little spin? There would have been more photos but halfway through the journey my daughter phoned to say she'd missed her train connection in Wolverhampton which caused myself and her Dad much worry and unsettled chuntering for the rest of the journey! Kids eh!

Till next time 
love Fi x

PS. On the 5th July the Tour de France will be riding through our little village and up over the Buttertubbs Pass. Lets hope the sun shines.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Hare 3 Completed

Wiggly, wiggly whiskers!
Well he's done! Here he is having all the soap rinsed out in the kitchen sink. I always think this part of the process is quite magical. It's when you can see all those wisps of fluff have become a piece of fabric, strong enough to be swished in the sink and squeezed out. What a transformation!
He's now residing in the Chapel Gallery as his predecessor sold within 5 days.
Fingers crossed he hops off soon.
Till next time.
love Fi x

Monday, 17 February 2014

Painting on/with fabric

 Hello! I'm playing catchup today.  
I was hoping to have more of this piece done before I posted about it, but I need to, and have been felting as I have orders to complete so I think this will have to be put on the back boiler until...who knows when.
 I was fancying a change and decided I wanted to do a collage. To be more specific I wanted to do a portrait in fabric collage. I sketched a face in pencil on fabric and started cutting out bits of fabric but I couldn't do it. It didn't work, I wasn't at all sure what I was doing or how to go about it really so... I gave up! Tut tut!
 Instead I got out some paper and drew another face in coloured pencils. I used to do a lot of portraits when I was a teenager but only in pencil never in colour. Colour was too scary! In fact I still find colour a bit scary. I do struggle a bit with it. Anyway I'm getting off the subject.
 Now being the kind of girl I am, I don't like to be beaten so I went back to my pencil sketch on fabric and added some colour (after all I couldn't do it any harm could I?) but something exciting happened. I really liked it, I actually enjoyed it but what to do next? I still hadn't done what I set out to do so...
 I added a scrap of fabric here... and another piece there and then stuffed it under the sewing machine and whizzed about a bit. I actually whizzed about at bit too much because I managed to stitch the foot of my machine under a piece of fabric! That took a bit of jiggling and snipping to cut it free I can tell you, lol.
This is as far as I've got but I really quite like it and hope to get back to it sometime soon. I'll keep you posted but don't hold your breath. It may be months!
This is what's on the kitchen table at the moment. It's wool fibres waiting for the hot soapy water and a bit of rough stuff! Hopefully tomorrow it will be a piece of felt but whether it will still look like this is another matter! It's always a bit of a gamble whether or not the fibres will stay in place or it may shrink too much in one direction. lol. 
If you never see it again you'll know it didn't go well.
I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that I'm showing you it again next time, teehee.

love Fi x

P.S. Please excuse the dark blobs on the photos, there's hair inside the lens of my camera.